[Glade-users] Icons in Glade

I finally found a program which I could use as an example how to use Glade3 
to include a PMG file as the standard icon. It appears to be adding the file 
name for the pictogram but leaving the name of the pictogram empty.
I think that this not a very clear method which could be solved by a more 
clear notes.

L. Dries

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On 09.04.2014 10:50, Bertus Dries wrote:
On Monday, April 07, 2014 6:57 AM, LRN wrote:
On 07.04.2014 8:42, Bertus Dries wrote:
I want to alter the icon I use in a Gtk program using glade. I
do have an .ico file for this icon. In Glade I found two boxes
which suggests they have influence on the icons, they are named
?Pictogram? and ?Pictogram name? in the first you can find a
filename but entering the name of my icon does not alter the
used GTK icon. The second gets me a list with standard icons
which I can choose and which will be used, but I cannot enter
my icon in it. How can I alter the standard GTK icon into my

Try converting the file into png and putting it somewhere into
<prefix>/share/icons/gnome/... directory (preferably under
'applications' category?). Then re-run gtk-update-icon-cache.exe
-f -t <prefix>/share/icons/gnome Then change the icon name in
glade to the name of the icon you've added (without extension)
and see if it works. Usually glade should list that icon as one
of the known icons in the "Select Named Icon" dialog.
I just tried your method. I don't have a subdirectory named \gnome.
but I found a subdirectory name \hicolor which ha subdirectories in
various sizes from 16*16 up to scalable the glade.png was is
several under a subdirectory \apps so I tried to add my icon in the
scalable and the 32*32 It did not work. My icon did not appear in
the Select Named Icon Dialog. Which format should I use, I used

Well, no idea. The way GTK decides on which icon is to use is seems
kind of convoluted to me. Normally i'd advice hooking up GTK to gdb
and looking how it loads its icons, but with the icon cache in the
middle this is almost 100% futile.

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