[Glade-users] GUI project with Glade --- feasibility?

On 30/10/2013 16:31, Virgil Stokes wrote:
I have been using Python 2.7 for sometime now and it has become my 
favorite programming language. However, I have very little experience 
with using Python to create GUI applications for Windows. It seems 
that Glade might simplify this type of project.

More specifically I have Python 2.7.5 installed on a Windows Vista 
(32-bit) platform. I have been working on the design of a GUI project 
in which on the top menu there will be a help entry (at the right most 
position) with a drop down submenu that will contain a help item. If 
this is clicked on with the left mouse button of a mouse then an HTML 
file (one that contains help information for the user of the GUI) will 
be displayed. It is important that this HTML file is displayed in a 
separate form (or window) and *does not need an online connection* to 
a web browser (e.g. FireFox). This displayed, read only HTML, will 
contain local links, embedded images and videos, etc. It should be 
treated as if it were being displayed by a web browser (e.g. the user 
should be able to move to different topics, scroll, view a video, 
etc.), but a browser is not required.

Is such a project feasible with Glade? If yes, then any useful 
pointers/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
*Virgil* Oland Sunset

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hi Virgil ,
windows is not your friend in this case :)
It is not a Glade matter but a webkit problem. You have to embed a 
webkit viewer inside a window or frame made with glade.
There is no Webkit ( better webkitgtk or pywebkitgtk) ufficial package 
at this time for win32. I have a solution build by myself for my app but 
it is for python 2.6.
For python 2.7 and above I suggest you to use the AIO from 
http://opensourcepack.blogspot.it/ where you can find also the new  pygi 
+ gtk3 solution.
I suggest also to use import webbroser to open firefox and point it to 
the local html help file. Less trouble. ;)


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