[Glade-users] GUI project with Glade --- feasibility?

On Wed, 2013-10-30 at 16:31 +0100, Virgil Stokes wrote:
I have been using Python 2.7 for sometime now and it has become my
favorite programming language. However, I have very little experience
with using Python to create GUI applications for Windows. It seems
that Glade might simplify this type of project.

More specifically I have Python 2.7.5 installed on a Windows Vista
(32-bit) platform. I have been working on the design of a GUI project
in which on the top menu there will be a help entry (at the right most
position) with a drop down submenu that will contain a help item. If
this is clicked on with the left mouse button of a mouse then an HTML
file (one that contains help information for the user of the GUI) will
be displayed. It is important that this HTML file is displayed in a
separate form (or window) and does not need an online connection to a
web browser (e.g. FireFox). This displayed, read only HTML, will
contain local links, embedded images and videos, etc. It should be
treated as if it were being displayed by a web browser (e.g. the user
should be able to move to different topics, scroll, view a video,
etc.), but a browser is not required.

Is such a project feasible with Glade? If yes, then any useful
pointers/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Sure this is possible, from what I understand doing this
on windows might be a challenge (even if it's possible
without modifying source code, finding the right documentation
to build your app correctly on windows with the components
you need might prove challenging).

So, what you want is actually a browser, or rather, a browser engine,
might look at devhelp sources as an example, it's written
in C but does pretty much what you want.

Devhelp uses webkitgtk (which basically exposes a GtkWidget API
for a webkit rendering surface) for the actual HTML rendering of
the API documentation you normally read in devhelp, and then
uses GtkBuilder xml to define the application layout.


Virgil  Oland Sunset

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