[Glade-users] Bad behaviour of GtkVBox

Il 01/02/2012 10.44, Tristan Van Berkom ha scritto:

You should be able to add/remove slots by right clicking on the placeholder
inside the GtkBox.

If the last slot is empty, Glade is indeed supposed to allow you to shrink
the items, however using the context menu items for adding/removing
slots is a much better code path (arguably, we should remove the "size"
property completely in favor of the context menu actions, which is what
we did for notebooks).

I can't.
Here: http://img88.imageshack.us/img88/5255/gtkbox.png you can see my 
project and I can't select the empty slot at the top.
I tried to right click on it and select Remove slot from the menu, but 
nothing happened.
Please don't remove the property, it will make Glade unusable, at least 
for me.

Actually, for the sake of discussion, I wonder if it's a smart move at 
all to remove a property from the property inspector. I'd like to have 
it both ways and choose which modifying style for each one of them, but 
maybe it's just me...
Manuel Ferrero
R&D department

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