[Glade-users] Bad behaviour of GtkVBox

On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 9:18 PM, Manuel Ferrero <mferrero at reer.it> wrote:
Il 01/02/2012 10.44, Tristan Van Berkom ha scritto:

You should be able to add/remove slots by right clicking on the
inside the GtkBox.

If the last slot is empty, Glade is indeed supposed to allow you to shrink
the items, however using the context menu items for adding/removing
slots is a much better code path (arguably, we should remove the "size"
property completely in favor of the context menu actions, which is what
we did for notebooks).

I can't.
Here: http://img88.imageshack.us/img88/5255/gtkbox.png you can see my
project and I can't select the empty slot at the top.
I tried to right click on it and select Remove slot from the menu, but
nothing happened.
Please don't remove the property, it will make Glade unusable, at least for

Actually, for the sake of discussion, I wonder if it's a smart move at all
to remove a property from the property inspector. I'd like to have it both
ways and choose which modifying style for each one of them, but maybe it's
just me...

Because we should not expose a gazillion ways to achieve the same thing,
it clutters the user interface for one, and it means we maintain extra code for
no reason (which is a better reason to remove it).

Historically we had those "size" properties, they are virtual (not
real) properties
and they came with the problem that originally they leave orphaned
project widgets
that do not come back when the user presses "Undo".

Our solution was originally to add ->verify_property() functions to check if
the user should be allowed to set a property before setting it, then we simply
refuse to remove the slot if it means deleting a project widget.

Now we have better code-paths for this which have a chance at doing the
right thing and undoably changing widget positions and deleting widgets
when the code path is hit.

This is why it's better to just remove the property, it's a potentially broken
code path to begin with and the right-click action is better positioned in
code to undoably remove the slot.

If removing the slot is broken, that is indeed a bug and should be fixed.


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