[Glade-users] Adding values to combo box in pygtk

On Fri, 2011-10-14 at 17:07 +0530, Arun p das wrote:
I am using glade 3 and project file format is libglade, cell renderer
is not supported in this. I am new to this do you have any tutorial
suggestion for this where to check for all these stuff i am referring
GTK+ Reference guide but it does not show how to implement.

As I said in the other mail, you should not use libglade for any
newly written code.

Receiving your mail made me realize that Glade should be more
informative on this point when letting you choose a project

Perhaps it would be enough to add the word '(legacy)' or '(deprecated)'
to the 'libglade' option in the project properties dialog.

FWIW, in legacy libglade... you absolutely must specify at least
one string in the 'items' property, libglade will only create the
implied cell renderer if it encounters the 'items' property.


PS: Please remember to keep the mailing-list on CC.

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