[Glade-users] Adding values to combo box in pygtk

On Fri, 2011-10-14 at 07:59 +0530, Arun p das wrote:
I dragged and drop the combobox from glade and now in python code i am
trying to add values to glade.
I don't know how to do that if anyone has any idea please reply.

   I tried with this
     1. data = ["a","b"]
     2.  self.box=self.tree.get_widget("combobox1")
     3.     store=gtk.ListStore(str)
     4.     store.append(["Choose a name"])
     5.     for d in data:
     6.         store.append([d])  
     7.     self.box.set_model(store)  

I am new to glade and python i got the above code from one site but it
didn' t worked also don't know GTK part in this program doing.

If you can use Glade 3.10 and GTK+3 and pygobject... then better use
GtkComboBoxText instead, you can easily add text to the 'comboboxtext'
in Glade or use the combo box apis in python to add items.

Otherwise, using a straight GtkComboBox in Glade I think you need 
to setup a cell renderer in the GtkComboBox and tell it to get the 
text from column '0' for the above python code to have a chance to
work... (you can get there by right clicking the combo-box and
selecting "Edit...", add renderers in the Hierarchy tab).


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