[Glade-users] Assistant ScrolledWindow Viewport Alignment Vbox dynamic chain not refreshing.

A short summary of my problem is that the above hierarchy does not draw
correctly until I go forward, back, forward into the Assistant page
where the hierarchy exists.

I am using Glade and PyGTK.

In Glade I create the above hierarchy in the second page of an assistant
(a page of type Content.)
I don't change much, just accept the defaults in Glade.

In the prepare callback, I dynamically add widgets to the vbox:

for i in range(0, 4):
      label = gtk.Label("foo")
      label.set_alignment(0.1, 0.5)
      self.vbox.pack_start(label, expand=False)
The first time forward into the page, the above labels are not visible.
The second time forward into the page, there are 8 labels visible and a
vertical scrollbar.

Maybe there is some signal I need to connect?
The first time into the page there are only 4 labels and a scrollbar
would not be necessary,
but they don't display.
I tried queue_draw() on the page (on the scrolledwindow) after appending
the labels but it didn't help.
Maybe I should but a box at the top of the page before the scrolled

What I want is to dynamically create a page in an assistant that is
statically created with Glade, where the page has a container of
dynamically created widgets, and the page will scroll the container if
I am not adamant about the above hierarchy, I could change to a GtkTable
container or whatever might work.  Or a hack that simulates

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