[Glade-users] Glade performance unbearably slow

If you resize the main window, or better yet, just resize the window
pane that contains the property editor (showing more/less of the
workspace), do you find that displaying the properties is exceedingly
slow ?

Do the entries 'chop' alot or do they resize smoothly while you
drag the window pane ?

They definitely "chop" more if I have a GtkWindow selected, compared to
a GtkBox, for example. But they aren't abnormally slow. I don't have to sit
and wait for it to refresh or anything, like I have to when selecting a

So the process of building a properties pane is doing this? It makes sense,
considering the slow-down not happening when I choose a widget of the same

If GTK is the culprit, what are my options? Switch to Qt? >_<

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