[Glade-users] Glade performance unbearably slow

Hello again, thanks for the reply. To answer:

On 8 December 2011 06:54, Tristan Van Berkom
<tristan.van.berkom at gmail.com>wrote:

Are you by chance editing a glade file with a rediculously large
GtkTable/GtkGrid ?

I've tried this with only a window and a vertical box, some buttons and
some entries, nothing complex.
It is slow no matter what's in there.

Please define what you mean by "anything I click", I can't believe that.

Can you please try Glade on a new project and measure/try the following:

 - Time to create the first GtkWindow
 - Time to create the first GtkWindow's child GtkBox or GtkGrid

These 2 steps should be 'slightly' slower than

 - Time to select the toplevel GtkWindow (and update properties in the
 - Time to select the GtkWindow child

As I can tell, both of the above are just as slow. I've "analysed" this a
bit and
editing properties is instant (changing labels, positions in a box, ...).
However, what is slow is selecting a widget of a different type than what
was selected before.

The first time selecting/creating a widget of any object class is slower
because after creating an editor for a given class we cache the editors
in order to display them quicker.

Maybe on my machine/system it doesn't cache for some reason?

Then, try:
 - Loading a separate project
 - Switch tabs from project to project

Switching tabs takes a long time too, pretty much the same interval
as selecting widgets of different types.

Then try for instance:
 - Clicking the "File" menu

This is quick. So I assume it isn't a GTK/theme problem.

For what it's worth, the bottlenecks in Glade are really:
 - Time to load a project (at least now we have progress bar feedback)
 - Time to select a widget (because of the time required to display the
   widget in the editor)
 - Time to set a property (when changing label text for instance, is
   it very slow when typing in the property editor entry ?)
 - Time to switch the active project (this should take virtually no time
   by now actually but used to be a bottle neck).

In the order given:
 - Progress bar works, isn't extremely fast but not slow.
   About the same as selecting a widget. Note that this was a small
 - Time to select a widget (of a different type than the one before) is
very long.
 - Setting properties is instantly quick.
 - Switching the active project is very slow, same as selecting a widget.

So, please let us know, how fast is your processor ? are you running Glade

The CPU is a terrible little Atom N260 (1.66 GHz, one core, two threads).
Running Glade alone or not makes no difference.
On the mentioned "slow" actions, CPU usage jumps to ~42%.

Also, Qt Creator and Designer work flawlessly in terms of speed,
so the CPU should be able to handle it, right?

or is firefox processing evil scripts for gmail sending your
information to spy agencies ?

Is this a joke or should I be concerned?

How much ram do you have... is Glade causing your machine to 'swap' memory

I have 1GiB of RAM. Glade is using 32 MiB of it.
At this time there's over 700 MiB of free memory available.

Thank you,
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