[Glade-users] set_text question

I am working with Glade-2 and Python (I am new to Python).
This may be more of a Python question, so if this is a wrong email list, please let me know your suggestion 
on where to post it best.
In Glade, I created a window with few entry fields. In my Python code, I read from a file line by line 
looking for a line that contains a certain keyword. Once I find that line, I parse it to get what I want and 
then I plug the text into the entry field on the screen by using myFiled.set_text(textFound). 
The problem is that 'textFound' has a new line terminator and gets displayed on the screen with a funny 
character at the end. Is there a way I can get rid of the new line in the text entry using Glade/gtk 
functionality, or I have to come up with a way to do it in Python before I plug it into set_text?   
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