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Il 27/11/2010 00:47, Hamid ha scritto:
Thank you for your help Bill,
But I want to use Glade as GUI Builder and its XML file to create my 
GUI, don't want to directly write code for GUI building.
When I use glade XML file, For example, likely I have not access to a 
button's connect function to handle his signal.

And so, In this case how can I handling signals correctly ?

Tried to use "glc" for automated signal handling, but give me some errors

On Fri, Nov 26, 2010 at 6:31 AM, Bill O'Connor <billyoc at gmail.com 
<mailto:billyoc at gmail.com>> wrote:

    Hamid <hamid.r1988 at gmail.com <mailto:hamid.r1988 at gmail.com>> writes:

    > evereything was good with glade, Then write a python script and
    > signals.
    That tutorial script uses self.wTree.signal_autoconnect( dic ),
    which is
    a cheap way to get signal handling.  Don't do that.  Look at this
    for an example of a signal handler and how to connect it.


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I adapted this simplegladewrapper to gtk.Builder


maybe it can ispire you .

After that i can access to signal by a self.signaloftheobject



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