[Glade-users] Glade with python

Hi all,
I'm started using from Glade with Python in my graphical applications, and
I'm a newbie.

After searching in the web, found this thread and create my first GUI with

evereything was good with glade, Then write a python script and handle

But, when I start the script, not created any GUI and my script hang up
before gtk.main() command.

The interesting point that, when I use from attached file in above link (
everything is OK and GUI works well.

When I open my XML .glade and attached file in text editor, see both file
created with glade3 3.4.5 version.

In my .glade file :
<!--Generated with glade3 3.4.5 on Thu Nov 25 23:34:38 2010 -->

In the .glade file that works properly:
<!--Generated with glade3 3.4.5 on Mon Jun  9 17:50:08 2008 -->

I do not know where the problem...
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