[Glade-users] glade, gtk 2.20 and "name" object property


So, my question is:

Is it a gtk-bug and I have to post it on gtk forum since it makes existing gtkbuilder xml incompatible with 
gtkrc files?
Is it a glade incompatibility and glade has to be modified so what it auto-generate "name" property in 
GtkBuilder xmls?

I would call this "Glade is not catching-up" bug. I think that proper
thing to do would be to add "id" field under "General" tab and remap
"Name" filed from "id" property to "name" property of GtkWidget. More
crude method would be to simply generate "name" property for all
widgets using "id".


Tadej Borov?ak
tadeboro at gmail.com
tadej.borovsak at gmail.com

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