[Glade-users] glade, gtk 2.20 and "name" object property

I''ve encountered a problem with glade-generated xml files(GtkBuilder format) and gtk 2.20(have used 2.18 
I've developed ui application usng gtkmm and glade. All was ok until I've upgraded to gtk 2.20. My application
uses pixmap engine draw images on top of some widgets using gtkrc configuration file. 

For example:


style "my-background"
   engine "pixmap"

              function = FLAT_BOX
              state = NORMAL
              file = "profiles/fiesta/gui/main_header.PNG"
              overlay_file = "profiles/fiesta/gui/block-dnld.png"
              border = {784, 1, 87, 1}
              overlay_border = {0, 519, 87, 1}
              stretch = TRUE
widget "*.viewport_main" style "my-background"

"viewport_main" is a widget "name" property in Glade. In gtk-builder xml file "name" goes to "id" attribute.
The point is what after an upgrade to gtk 2.20 images are no longer being shown. 

I've noticed next sentence in gtk 2.20 "release notes"  list:

* GtkBuilder no longer sets the "name" property of widgets to the ID
  attribute of the <object>. Use gtk_buildable_get_name() instead of
  gtk_widget_get_name() to obtain the ID.

After I've modified glade-generated xml adding explicitly
<property name="name">viewport_main</property>
images have started being shown again!

So, my question is: 

Is it a gtk-bug and I have to post it on gtk forum since it makes existing gtkbuilder xml incompatible with 
gtkrc files?
Is it a glade incompatibility and glade has to be modified so what it auto-generate "name" property in 
GtkBuilder xmls?

Any help is appreciated.
Alexander Ivanenko

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