[Glade-users] Possible bug with File-chooser dialog?


Using pygtk code, destroying the dialog in callback function does not
produce error but using the gtk.builder object, it does.Thinking about
it, it isn't really a bug but more of a quirk?

Actually, this is not GtkBulder's fault. You're having problems
because there are two rather distinct ways of dealing with pop-up
dialogs. I described this topic in one of my blog post[1], where you
can get more information (I think there's even some PyGTK code in this
post;). Before switching to GtkBuilder, you probably created dialog on
the fly when needed, while now you only create it at applications


[1] http://tadeboro.blogspot.com/2009/05/using-pop-up-windows.html

Tadej Borov?ak
tadeboro at gmail.com
tadej.borovsak at gmail.com

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