[Glade-users] 2-digit fractional part limit on Adjustment's upper/lower bounds

Hi all,
I'm using Glade3 3.6.7  and I have this issue.

When I use a GtkSpinButton via Glade, I want to setup the upper/lower bounds of the underlying GtkAdjustment, 
to the following values:
   upper:  9.9999
   lower:  5.0019
so that a user can, for example, insert the value 9.995 in the GtkSpinButton.   
However Glade limits to 2-digit only the fractional part of the input values
   upper:  9.99
   lower:  5.00
Is there a way to overcome this?  (I mean in Glade and not via additional code)
Can't the limit be (dynamically) raised by Glade according to the SpinButton 'Digits' field (i.e. a 
'Digits=6' would allow to insert a more precise upper/lower bound).

Thank you,
Giovanni Maggiorani


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