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Thank you very much.

Here in my glade file there is a object of type GtkWindow, Now I want to

replace it with another object of type

GtkMyWindow which inherits from GtkWindow.

What should I do?

Few things you could do; first start with this:


Thats an example of a catalog that spoofs a type

with minimal effort and even adds a propery virtually using the xml  

format; put it in a directory and fire up Glade with:

GLADE_CATALOG_PATH=~/my_directory glade-3

You can also get Glade to load and introspect your window's properties

and automatically put them in the editor; which is a matter of telling

the same xml catalog where to load the library with your widget inside.

For more information make sure you flip through the first few chapters of:


Note that after the type is encoded in the glade file then GtkBuilder  

be able to dynamically load your object at run time simply by name.



I didn't mind add a custom widget was pretty easy, and i wonder one forward  

If i add some custom widgets definition on my catalog for my apps, what are  
the best practices when i'm willing to set the code free?
I mean, my custom widgets are part of the app source code so, if i want to  
make easy for the community to help coding, or packaging my software,
i suppose that there must be some "de facto" standards, isn't?



On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 11:06 AM, Tristan Van Berkom

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On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 9:47 PM, Jianchun Zhou jianchun.zhou at gmail.com>


Dear List:

In Glade 3, how can I get source code from glade xml file?

You dont; you use the GtkBuilder api to parse it and build the  

for your application; GtkBuilder is a part of GTK+ and so should be

available in your language binding (if you are using one).




Best Regards


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