[Glade-users] glade 3.6.7 bugs?


I have a glade file which I believe shows a bug with glade 3.6.7, running
on a ubuntu 9.04 machine.

The glade file is here:

The bug is that there is an empty slot above the "empty space" label,
and when I right click in the slot and select "Remove Slot", the slot
isn't removed and glade thinks the workspace has changed. No about of
right clicking and selecting remove slot will remove the slot.

I also ran into a different bug where after creating an About top level
window, I used the spin button for how many slots were in the vbox in
the right hand window, and it would select any other number than 3,
which was the original default. It was with this same project. After
setting it by hand to 3, it seemed to work properly.

Thank you.


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