[Glade-users] Semi-dinamical UIs

On Tue, 2009-10-20 at 09:42 +0100, David L?pez Luengo wrote:
Thanks for the answer very clarifying,

What you mean with "if you have full control over your xml structure
description", maybe you ask if I can (can I) change the syntax
structure of my xml files in order to make them GtkBuilder-parseables,
don't you?

Yes, syntax is the word.

If it is, yes, they are my own xml files, but I have the requirement
of make those files as simpler as possible and I don't want to mix my
syntax with glade syntax, it would be nasty for the xml writers, I am
not the only one :)

I find GtkBuilder xml quite straight forward and extensible, as long as
your code is "GObject oriented". I've adopted it as a file format for a
program I'm writing right now and so far have no regrets. It saves me
from having to maintain xml parser (with a small exception for handful
of custom tags). It took some time to grasp GObject inner workings
though, cause pretty much the only way to learn is digging through the
GTK sources.

Anyway, it seems that "semi-dinamicals" UIs should be make hardcoded,
let's go then, I have no time to lose.

Hope to be skillfull one day writing gtk widgets...

GObjects actually. GtkWidgets are just derived from GObject. But it pays
to know the concept. GTK is object oriented at the end.

 right now I'm a newbie xDD and have deadlines so... 

Deadlines make software ugly and programming stressful :(. Good luck

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