[Glade-users] Semi-dinamical UIs

Hi there!

I'm starting to use glade and I get a doubt about it's potential. Figure out
this situation, I have a part of UI in my application that is allways the
same, so I can develop it with glade, but there is some other parts that
need to be develop AFTER the user introduce to the program some data. In my
case I will try to read an xml description of certain structures and then I
want to create (for example) a box with buttons inside it for each field in
the structure, give them names properly as the xml description says, let the
user add values to the fields, link tooltips to each field and much more
functionality. We could understand this as a "semi-dinamical" UI's, I mean
"semi" because all this data will be read at start time, not the whole
runtime, but neither at develop time, so I don't know if I could use glade
to do this... templates or something like this. Do you know if this kind of
stuff is pretencious with glade?



PD: By the way, excuse my english, I'm spanish :$
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