[Glade-users] deprecated widgets in gtk builder


I am now shifing my whole application from libglade to gtk.builder.In the
process i came to know the gnome widgets are depricated and not supported in
For example in our applications, we used gnome-dateedit for calendry and it
is easy to use.But in gtk.builder it is showing as depricated.Gnome-dateedit
is easy to use and maintain. So what should i do for that now?Why the
gnome-widgets are depricated?

libgnomeui library is being slowly deprecated because most of the
widgets inside it are now present in GTK+. For GnomeDateEdit, you can
simply use GtkCalendar widget.


Tadej Borov?ak
tadeboro at gmail.com
tadej.borovsak at gmail.com

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