[Glade-users] Problem with resizing

        I am new to this too and it took me a little while to figure
        this out. What you have to realise is that GTK works in a
        different way to other GUI systems. When you add a component
        it's default action is to fill the Container it is placed in. If
        you select that component and in right-hand pane and go to the
        "Packing" tab there should be an option of "Expand". Set that to
        "No" and it will no longer fill the container in both dimensions
        though it will still fill it in one of the dimensions. The "Pack
        Type" parameter values of "Start" or "End" will determine
        whether the component appears at the top or bottom for vertical
        box container or on the left or right for a horizontal
        container. This doesn't apply to all components, for example a
        single toolbar icon doesn't fill all of the toolbar. Once added
        a component like this you then can add additional components to
        the same container.
        Other on this list I imagine will be able to say better and more
        than I could.
        I do feel from my own couple of days experience with Glade that
        the GTK API documentation for the objects/components is
        excellent but
        documentation that covers how to get started with building GUIs
        Glade and covers issues like yours is woefully lacking (or
        Maybe others here know good, and preferably free, documentation
        Paul Cooper
        Glade Newbie

On Tue, 2009-03-03 at 07:50 +0530, A.K.Karthikeyan wrote:
Hello Glade users,

I have just downloaded and installed glade on my Ubuntu8.04. When ever I 
drop a component into a window, it occupies the entire window and I am 
unable to resize it. Is it a bug, or is there any solution?

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