[Glade-users] Fetching multiple parameters to a signal handler

On Tue, 2009-06-16 at 14:23 +0200, js_bach at freenet.de wrote:

 I want to be able to fetch two params to my signal handler as:
void on_cb_use_signPic_toggled(GtkCheckButton* ussign, GtkHBox* path_box) {
/* make path_box visible on checkbox ussign toggled  */

I have tried to add  comma-seperated names of the GUI elements  under user-data (in Glade) but it didn't 
work out. Is there ways to fetch more than one pointer as user data? 

Not inside Glade. Theoretically you can create custom GObject which
holds such pointers, add it to Glade 3.6 through a custom widget
catalog, and pass the pointer to that object, but that would be
pointless overkill. If your project is small just store pointers as
globals and do not bother, otherwise do not use autoconnect.

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