[Glade-users] Accelerator keys

On Mon, Jun 8, 2009 at 7:59 AM, Jonathan Lane<lanej at horizon.com> wrote:

This makes some sense, although I have 3 GtkImageMenuItem widgets that
also don't respond to accelerators -- CTRL++, CTRL+-, and CTRL+0.

But... come to think of it.. do these only work via the numeric
keypad? ?I don't have a numeric keypad on any of the three keyboards I
have here at the house. ?I'll try at the office when I get in today.

Ok, the way its setup in Glade is a little embarrassing, bear with me... I
just bearly got it all working by release time ;-)

Heres how it works:
  - Create ImageMenuItem
  - Set accel_group
  - Bug: Glade only exposes accel-group for stock type imagemenuitems
  - When setting the accel_group the first time, just hit the "New" button
    in the dialog
  - After setting up some, or all of your accel-group properties on
the menu items,
    proceed to set the accel-group property of the toplevel window to
the same accel-group.

What I think we can/should quite easily do is just remove the
accel-groups completely from
the Glade UI and create them completely under the hood so the user doesnt
need to know about them.


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