[Glade-users] Description, on how glade could be used with gnu-smalltalk

Tristan Van Berkom schrieb:
One nitpick, your tutorial says you need GTK+ 2.16 to build Glade 3.6,
but we only depend on GTK+ 2.14, if there is a problem using 2.14,
please file a bug about it ;-)

Oh! Thanks for pointing that out! I'll correct my blog-post!

If you want to tinker around with the glade-web module in git,
feel free to carve out a tutorials section in the docs page
and send me a patch and I'll probably just push it through.

Oha... I've never worked with git 'till now... even for the bleeding 
edge of gst, I use the cvs-interface...
(but if you would provide me the data for a read-only access, maybe... 
who knows...)


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