[Glade-users] Glade-3 newbie

Hello people,

I wanted to update an old GTK-1.x program, and decided it was
time to switch to Glade-3. Though I've used Glades 1 and 2, I now have a
couple of issues:

1) Typing text into a label (or so) seems to get slower and slower when
the project gets more complicated... There is no visual feedback while
typing, and the text appears up to 2 - 3 seconds after finishing it
completely. Is this normal (on a 3 GHz AMD)? Changing spinbuttons in
properties also slows down, to a point when clicking causes spurious

2) Most widgets can be ctrl-C and ctrl-V'd just fine, but some, eg. a
GtkEntry, resist (they can be copied through the pop-up menu though). Is
this avoidable?

3) Is it possible to recover the (vertical) space of the label in a
frame? Sometimes I just want the frame decoration, no label.
Emptying the label string doesn't work, and deleting the label from the
frame leaves a 'hole'.

Thanks in advance...

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