[Glade-users] No more access to signals

On Thu, 26 Feb 2009 09:48:57 -0500
Tristan Van Berkom <tvb at gnome.org> wrote:

On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 7:51 PM, John Coppens <john at jcoppens.com> wrote:
Hello people.

I've been experimenting, and converting an old program into glade-3.
After a lot of work, the GUI getting almost ready, I find that I
cannot open the items in the Signal tree (the branches won't expand

Ideas on what could be causing this problem? Or how to find it?

Trying this morning and I still cant reproduce this bug...

Not improving - I now regularly have to exit glade to be able to access
some branches. And also regularly, glade crashes on exiting (the cause is
not saving the project - that was done before - just exiting causes the

Another issue:

I can define icons for buttons, selecting from stock ID, Icons, and
filenames. The icons I need are not stock, and, as far as I can
determine, the 'icons' contain more or less generic icons, and  it is not
correct to add custom icons to any of those categories.

So, where do I have to install custom icons, so that I can define them in
glade and so that they'll be found at run-time?

'Filenames' doesn't seem to be a good option either - even editing
preferences, 'From the project directory' or from a 'Project relative
directory' are not practical at run-time, and 'From this path' doesn't
seem to be taken into account at run-time:

This comment appears in the gtkbuilder file:

  <!-- interface-local-resource-path /opt/gnome/share/pixmaps/farma3 -->

but at run-time I get:

Failed to open file


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