[Glade-users] GtkMenuBar built with glade 3.6.2

Wow, I feel really retarded.  I saw that glade 3.6.2 was in debian/ 
experimental and didn't notice it wasn't available as a binary package  
for amd64.. I was using 3.5.2 *blush*.

But, I have another question now (hopefully more legitimate):  some of  
my accelerators don't work anymore; specifically, CTRL-T and CTRL- 
+/-.  Are these blocked because they're used by stock widgets?  If so,  
where can I get a list of available accelerators?

Also, I'm not quite clear on what AccelGroups are really used for.   
Should I have one AccelGroup per top-level window, or one global?


On Apr 20, 2009, at 5:23 PM, Jonathan Lane wrote:

I'm trying to use Glade 3.6.2 and save my project out directly in
builder format.  But I'm having a problem with menubars created within
glade.  For every submenu, I get:

Gtk-WARNING **: Cannot add an object of type GtkMenu to a container of
type GtkMenuItem

And the submenus don't appear.  I'm trying glade 3.6.2 now because I
really need to build two of the submenus dynamically at runtime, but
I'm still really confused how I might be able to do this.. do I just
need to create a ton of hidden menuitems and alter them?  Surely there
is some better way?

Also, for stock imagemenuitems, inside glade they appear as the stock
ID ("gtk-close" etc) instead of showing the icon with the label beside
it.  If I Cut the menubar and paste it back in, they appear fine.  Is
this a known bug?

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