[Glade-users] Signal question.

Hey, I actually had the same problem with hiding a window, and having  
it removed. I just changed the destroyable attribute so the little 'x'  
on the top right hand screen didn't appear. But this is a much better  
solution. I'll give it a shot.

I had a further problem, that when said window was opened it was  
sitting on top of my main window, and there was no way I could select  
the main window behind it. Is there any way around this?

Thank You

On 14 Oct 2008, at 00:14, Peter Keller wrote:

On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 03:29:30PM -0500, Alexey Kurochkin wrote:
I do not think GtkObject's "destroy" is the right signal. You might  
to try connecting gtk_widget_hide_on_delete() to "delete-event"  
on the widget, or any custom function for that matter which would  
gtk_widget_hide() and return TRUE.

Excellent, this fixes my problem, and your link to the documentation  
help me through a lot more questions for the time being.

Thank you.

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