[Glade-users] Fonts too big

With a bit of work and a lot of help from the gtk-list and this list, I 
have been able to get a working development environment in Windows using
MinGW, msys, gtk bundle and building a few packages including
Glade3-3.4.5.  I am now able to build a simple libglademm app.  The one
problem I cannot solve yet is the font size.

I first experimented with the pre-built gtk and glade from
http://gladewin32.sourceforge.net/ and I built a test libglademm
app with that.  Now that I have started with the gtk bundle from
any app I build whether plain gtk, libglade or libglademm has font that
is larger than it was when I built the same app with the gladewin32
setup.  Even the Glade that I built has the large font.  I searched the
archives of the gtk and this list.  The gtk list had some old ones that
were mostly unanswered.

Why is the font large?  Am I correct in guessing that I am probably
missing some package that is needed to handle the font correctly?

Damon Register

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