[Glade-users] Using GtkBuilder with 'popup' from glade

My application is built using glade with GtkBuilder. I have a popup menu 
which I attach to a tree view.

I want to have the popup load from a UI file as I want to share 
GtkActionGroups with the main menu.

How would I load a "<popup>" element from a .ui file using GtkBuilder? 
It works fine for the menu within the main application, however, I can't 
seem to set an "id" for the <popup> and thus can't get it with 
gtk_builder_get_object(). Do I need to instead use GtkUIManager with the 
popup in a different XML file (It's going to be in a different XML file 

- Micah Carrick

  Developer - http://www.micahcarrick.com
  GTK+ Forums - http://www.gtkforums.com

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