[Glade-users] GtkBuilder and Libglade status

It's been a few months since I've worked on any GTK stuff and was 
looking to finish a tutorial I have going on Glade3 with Python or C. 
I've been getting more and more emails about the GtkBuilder conversion 
not working. I noticed that Glade 3 now has the option to save in 
GtkBuilder format, however, using that feature OR gtk-builder-convert 
seems much more problematic than it was a few months ago when I was 
working with it.

Ultimately, I'm looking for known issues and status with saving to 
GtkBuilder from glade and gtk-builder-convert, work arounds, and the 
like. I'm hoping to get up to speed enough to help the people that are 
trying to get into RAD with Glade but are scared by these errors. I 
thought it would be good to jump into GtkBuilderConvert to stay up to 
date, but perhaps it's better to change my tutorial to use Libglade?

In either case, I would like to provide my readers with explanations as 
much as I can and point them in the right direction to following the 
status (related bug reports).

I'm using Glade 3.5.2, GTK+ 2.12.19, and Libglade 2.6.2 (using Python).

First, neither LibGlade nor GtkBuilder seem to like the <requires> tag 
at the top of the file. I can't seem to find information on that. Is 
that something that Libglade and GtkBuilder are going to support in the 

When saving as GtkBuilder, after deleting the requires tag, GtkMenuBar 
widgets always seem to crash. Even when dropping a GtkMenuBar into a 
GtkWindow without any other widgets, it crashes:

"GtkWarning: Attempting to add a widget with type GtkMenu to a container 
of type GtkMenuItem, but the widget is already inside a container of 
type GtkWindow, the GTK+ FAQ at http://www.gtk.org/faq/ explains how to 
reparent a widget."

When taking that same file but saved as a Libglade file and running 
through gtk-builder-convert you get:

"UnboundLocalError: local variable 'child' referenced before assignment"

Which you can get around by removing any "use_stock" property from 
GtkImageMenuItem widget, but then you don't get the stock icons 

- Micah Carrick

  Developer - http://www.micahcarrick.com
  GTK+ Forums - http://www.gtkforums.com

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