[Glade-users] setting a radio button group

Paul Emsley wrote:
Hi Tristan, 

Thanks for your reply.

So, just to be clear, the way glade-3 now works is as 
described here.  In olden glade, the user specified (typed in) the 
group for the first radio button and all the others in the same group.
That is not how new glade-3 works.
Maybe I should be glad that I only recently am learning glade.  I am
already confused enough and having to change thinking is more confusing

In glade-3, the group is set by subsequent radio buttons in the group
attaching themselves (somehow) to the first radio button in the group.
Thanks to your post, I was able to create a group of radio buttons and
my little test app shows the three buttons that behave as expected.
The only problem I have is not being about to figure out the signaling
for radio buttons.  In Glade, which signal handler do I select and what
is the C code to handle it?  Although I am using Glade 3.4.3 for Windows
with gtk provided by gtk-dev-2.12.9-win32-2.exe and msys to build, I
hope that whatever I learn here is equally applicable to other systems
such as Solaris or Linux.

Yes, as you predict, test-libglade makes the new radiobuttons 
work properly.
I got a little curious so I looked for test-libglade.  I didn't find
it anywhere in the Glade or GTK directories so just downloaded the
libglade tarball.  I found test-libglade-gtk and was able to compile it
but couldn't get it to work with any of the glade files that were in
that were in the /libglade-2.6.2/examples directory.  Am I going down
the wrong path there?

While searching Google for help in this area, I came across something
from the gtk-app-devel-list.

   * From: Tristan Van Berkom <tvb gnome org>
   * To: Michael Torrie <torriem chem byu edu>
   * Cc: gtk-app-devel-list gnome org
   * Subject: Re: libglade frustration
   * Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 14:16:26 -0500

This is a real real real shame, this file that sits in svn as a part
of the package, is situated in the most obvious place to find out
things about the actual package, its in the actual package itself.
This didn't seem very encouraging.  I may be a little slow in this area
but I did download the tarball as suggested but was not able to find the
exact test-libglade mentioned here and what I did find didn't work for
me.  Perhaps I am getting off the track anyway as that thread didn't
seem to specifically mention radio buttons.  I was just trying to search
for examples that might help.

Even with limited examples it wasn't hard to figure out the basics of a
libglade program and I was able to create my own demo app to try some
simple controls such as buttons, checkboxes and edit windows but I am
stuck on getting radio buttons to work.  I would really appreciate any

Damon Register

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