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 Giulio Bai <giulio at hewle.com> wrote:

Firstly, I actually don't know the exact difference between the two type
of project. I believe the GTK+ project type is for a general usage (i.e.
you ought to use this if you plan to release it on other DE such as KDE
or even Windows); the GNOME stuff is for the best integration with the
GNOME desktop although it's probably possible to use the interface built
with it in other places too.

     ie for GNOME desktop, GNOME project is well suited than Gtk+ project.
Is that you mean? Actually, we are developing an application for the OLPC.
So I think it uses GNOME environment, so will it better to use GNOME project
rather than Gtk+. But anyways we need to do the gtk+ programming,right. Or
is there any change in the coding part of GNOME project?

  This is more important to me - Is the coding in GNOME project similar to
the Gtk+ project?

However, a quick look at the online documentation should be enough.

Secondly, Glade does NOT generate any code for you, it was so until the
3.[don't remember] version.
Code is YOUR task and you can choose almost every language you'd like:
code bindings for perl, python, c, etc are available and you just have
to download them and... Happy coding!

    Yes, I know that. The callback functions need to be written by us. Here
I mean that the code for the GUI is generated by Glade itself. So that is
generated in C as per the widgets that are connected with some signals &
handlers no, ie what i mean, may be its not correct.....

Thanks for your answer.


On Mon, 2008-03-31 at 13:47 +0530, Aswathy wrote:


 To build up an application, which type of project should we opt - Gtk
+/GNOME? GNOME has more options, but can we use gtk+ programming in
that too. What is the difference between the two? How can Glade
generate codes in C++,Perl and all? I have seen only C code.

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