[Glade-users] Application Project - Gtk+/GNOME

Firstly, I actually don't know the exact difference between the two type
of project. I believe the GTK+ project type is for a general usage (i.e.
you ought to use this if you plan to release it on other DE such as KDE
or even Windows); the GNOME stuff is for the best integration with the
GNOME desktop although it's probably possible to use the interface built
with it in other places too.

However, a quick look at the online documentation should be enough.

Secondly, Glade does NOT generate any code for you, it was so until the
3.[don't remember] version.
Code is YOUR task and you can choose almost every language you'd like:
code bindings for perl, python, c, etc are available and you just have
to download them and... Happy coding!

On Mon, 2008-03-31 at 13:47 +0530, Aswathy wrote:


 To build up an application, which type of project should we opt - Gtk
+/GNOME? GNOME has more options, but can we use gtk+ programming in
that too. What is the difference between the two? How can Glade
generate codes in C++,Perl and all? I have seen only C code.

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