[Glade-users] Glade on Embedded devices

2008/7/22 Tristan Van Berkom <tristan.van.berkom at gmail.com>:

On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 12:59 PM, BalaKrishna Kolluru
<balakkvj at dcs.shef.ac.uk> wrote:
Hello People,
                     I am using glade (glademm actually) for the user
interface on an embedded device.
Well it is an intel board with embedded Debian. It works quite well but I
experiencing extremely high latency times.
Somewhere in the order of 6--8 seconds to open a new window while the
dialogs are very quick.
Do any of you have any idea as to what can be slowing the interface?

If the whole thing isnt too heavy, you might even consider loading all the
graphics into a portion of that 256MB of yours and mlocking it into
memory and make sure you dont ever swap out ;-)

I guess mlock is doing the trick! Things have picked up quite a bit!
Guess it takes 6 seconds to load the application and then it is lightening
In fact, I am having to sync it with the 2 second audio file .
Thanks a lot Tristan!!


BalaKrishna Kolluru
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