[Glade-users] Glade on Embedded devices

Hello People,
                     I am using glade (glademm actually) for the user
interface on an embedded device.
Well it is an intel board with embedded Debian. It works quite well but I am
experiencing extremely high latency times.
Somewhere in the order of 6--8 seconds to open a new window while the
dialogs are very quick.
Do any of you have any idea as to what can be slowing the interface?

A few details are given below
Processor: Inter PXA 70 with 256 MB ram
Application: C++, Xerces27, glademm
Nature of application: Main window with a few buttons each of which opens a
new window upon click.
Extra information: I also play a sound when a button is clicked. For
example, "You have selected option 2."
These audio messages are wave files recorded at 8 khz and usually last upto
2 seconds.
I am using pixmaps (xpm files) for images on buttons and typically there are
about 6-12 images per screen.

Thanks in advance,


BalaKrishna Kolluru
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