[Glade-users] How to write a catalog for use in glade 3.3.4

Hello. I'm trying to write a glade catalog. When looking at the gnome
2.20features page
I read there's no need to write a supporting source code plugin to define a
catalog, so
I tried this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<glade-catalog name="myappcatalog" icon-prefix="gtk" library="gladegtk"
domain="glade3" book="gtk">
        <glade-widget-class name="sdlwidget" generic-name="sdlwidget"
title="SDL Widget">
                  <property id="handle-position">
                <value id="GTK_POS_LEFT" name="Left"></value>
                <value id="GTK_POS_RIGHT" name="Right"></value>
                <value id="GTK_POS_TOP" name="Top"></value>
                <value id="GTK_POS_BOTTOM" name="Bottom"></value>

    <glade-widget-group name="ftr" title="Follow the rabbit">
        <glade-widget-class-ref name="SdlWidget"/>

But glade 3.3.4 reports something like this:

(glade-3:32637): GladeUI-WARNING **: Couldn't find type ?sdlwidget_get_type?

(glade-3:32637): GladeUI-WARNING **: Could not obtain type of de ?sdlwidget?

(glade-3:32637): GladeUI-WARNING **: Failed to load the GType for

(glade-3:32637): GladeUI-WARNING **: Tried to include undefined widget class
'SdlWidget' in a widget group

I looked at the documentation but I don't know what I'm missing so that my
widget is shown in
the glade palette. What should I do?

Thanks in advance.
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