[Glade-users] update GTkLabel label

i've done a little applet using glade, to start or end wminput dameon (a
driver that manage wiimote) . 
In my applet, i have to update  some GtkLabel when a GtkButton is
cliked. the code is below

/**button clicked, so i run set_label on the button brothers*/
        /** hbox contains my button and my label*/
/** Here i have to test along GtkLabel label, to change their label*/
/** what i'd like to do is to test along a reference, or a code, instead
of text*/
message_label_connected_on="the old label i want to change";
message_label_connected_off="the new label";

/**get the current label*/



Well, it runs, but i'm sure it's not a good solution, as testing along
string is not really good, due to  charset, language...

I've tried to emit  a signal too my GtkLabel from my Gtk_Button_clicked
function, but i get a seg fault. 

The problem is : "how to update GTkLabel state in widget instances
hierarchy when a button, that may be a leaf, is clicked"? 
any code example or advice would be gratelly apprecied. 


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