[Glade-users] How to write a catalog for use in glade 3.3.4

On Thu, 2007-09-06 at 19:51 +0200, Germ?n Diago wrote:
Hello. I'm trying to write a glade catalog. When looking at the gnome
2.20 features page
I read there's no need to write a supporting source code plugin to
define a catalog, so
I tried this:
I looked at the documentation but I don't know what I'm missing so
that my widget is shown in
the glade palette. What should I do?

Hi, there are 2 ways you can achieve this:

  a.) you have a library that contains the SdlWidget, then you 
      simply point "library" to the system library that contains
      that widget.

  b.) you dont have a library and you are faking the widget inside
      glade, in which case you must use the "parent" attribute to
      tell glade what widget to subclass (I detailed this in my 
      blog post: http://blogs.gnome.org/tvb/2007/07/25/some-popular-features/ )


PS ALL: I returned home last week from L.A. and havent been 
returning emails - there have been some pertinent bug reports
that need looking into and as usual - the mailing list got hit
with some snide remarks - those are always a discouragement in
general and thats why I havent been very present this week.

For the many of you who do actually care I'd just like to let
you know I havent completely dissapeared - I'm still around on
irc and definitly will be reviewing any incomming patches.

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