[Glade-users] gtk_list_store tutorials in C?

Hello All,

I have been trying to populate a window with the results of a mysql
result query.

I can g_print the results, so I kow that the mysql works but I cant
seem to figure out the schematics and design for how Liststore works
with treeview...

IS this corect?

-> Child
--> grandchild, etc

 ->treeview column
  -> cellrenderer object

or is it..

->treeview column
 -> cellrenderer object
 -> treeview iter (row object)
  -> cellrenderer object (for each row & column)

So I create the treeview, create the treeview column and name it and
add it to the treeview and then create the liststore,  with a Iter
object, and add each column of data retrieved from mysql-result to
the cellrenderer "text" object?

OK, that sounds good, but I cant for the life of me figure out how to
actually code that!
Is there an example of how to do that in C (not C#, C++, of Python 
of which I have not studied any)?
is there a tutorial that one could direct me to? The liststore
example in gtk seems to simply not work... I have managed to get a
blank box, but I dont think I am hooking the liststore into the
treeview correctly... I also dont think I am doing the columns
correctly... which sheds doubt upon the rest of my coding (Heck If it
worked I wouldnt be doubting it!)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Jason Brisbane

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