[Glade-users] Button with image

On Mon, 2007-03-26 at 13:36 -0600, Jeffrey Barish wrote:
I want a button with an image, so I change the Edit Type of the button to
Container and drop an image in the container.  Then on the image's
properties, I select Image Type Filename and specify the File Name using
the ... button.  Two things go wrong.  First, the image file lives in a
subdirectory of the glade file.  Glade copies the image file into the
directory of the glade file.  If I insert "subdirectory/" before the image
filename, Glade removes the prefix.

This is intended albiet it could be improved (theres a bugzilla entry
wrt resource files in glade projects for that), point is that libglade
will always search in the CWD or in the directory containing the glade

Note that full-paths should also work from the libglade POV, not sure
if the editor will allow you to specify a full-path ATM though.

Second, my glade file contains a property for the image with name="stock"
and value gtk-missing-image.  That property seems to take precedence over
the pixbuf property, so what appears when I run my program is the broken
icon.  I have to manually delete the offending property to get the image to
appear correctly.

That is a bug that has been fixed for a while, sorry for the
inconvenience (it's fixed in 3.0.3 & altenatively 3.2.x).


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