[Glade-users] Can I create just a plain tab bar?


So here I am, building my first remotely adventurous Gnome / GTK program
using Glade 3. (Great piece of work by the way. If you developers aren't
already immensely proud of yourselves, be).
In my UI, I have a big list of stuff divided into sections. I am hoping to
have these sections switchable using Tabs on the side of a list box, since
it looks pretty and makes sense for this particular situation.
The problem, however, is that these sections are actually tags that are
created by the user; the tab bar must have items added and removed. Note
that the actual list box that the tabs are associated with does not need to
change anything except its contents.

Unfortunately, it seems that the only tabs Glade will do are Notebooks,
which seem to be built around a very different idea where each Page contains
totally different widgets. I do not need this! (Or want it for this
situation). I just need the tab bar to communicate a simple little bit of
information in the same way as a list box would. (Except prettier and easier
to figure out. I don't know if you've had the pleasure, but my
all-too-familiar experience with them says: Navigating dual list boxes is

So what is a nice way with Glade to have just a simple, independent tab bar
to which tabs can be easily added / removed on the fly?

-Dylan McCall
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