[Glade-users] [glade-users] Using a global variablefor GladeXML object?

On Fri, 2007-01-19 at 12:03 -0600, Alexey Kurochkin wrote:
I could be wrong, but I believe the GladeXML object is still there, even
if you aren't referencing it no more, until the last widget created by
it is destroyed; and you can get the reference back with
glade_get_widget_tree function. Am I wrong?

Yes. glade_xml_new() returns an object that belongs to the caller - 
it creates a gtk+ heirarchy on behalf of the user. It does not keep
references to the widgets it created (it catches the "destroy" signal
to ensure its name_hash stays valid) furthermore, after freeing your
GladeXML object it is safe to call glade_get_widget_tree() on a widget
built by the freed GladeXML - glade_get_widget_tree() will return NULL.


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