[Glade-users] updating glade1 app to glade 2

On Dec 15, 2007 12:30 AM, mick <mickhowe at bigpond.net.au> wrote:

I have forked an application that was originally developed with
and new features added some using patches to the interface.c file and
one having the interface code inline with the functional code.

I am now attempting a major update and wondered if there is a simple way
get all the interface code into glade. glade 2 and 3 refuse to look at the
glade 1 *.glade file

There was probably some ancient scripts that did the conversion
way back when, maybe you can find them and again _maybe_ they
will still work.

What I would probably do in your shoes is to open the old glade file
manually, ignore all the property name xml nodes and note down on
paper the widget hierarchy without the properties (remember that glade
1 & 2 dumped _every_ property in the file so not all of them merit your
attention), once you have the basic widget hierarchy on paper you can
easily recreate it in glade, replacing old and deprecated widgets with
new supported ones along the way.

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