[Glade-users] Glade signal handler problem in VC++, Win32

On Mon, 2007-08-20 at 10:55 +0800, ?? wrote:
Hi, all,

       When I made a Glade program with signal callback in VC++
environment, warning messages appeared saying:
         And I had made a simple glade file with only a window widget,
and specified function glade_window_key_press_callback as the signal
callback of the window?s ?key_press_event?.

       When I move the example to Linux, it?s ok. And I found that
this error was usually caused by the missing of option
?-export-dynamic?. However, I couldn?t find any counterpart in VC++
compiling and linking options.

If I knew the answer I'd tell you :) I think you obviously
nailed the problem (making exported symbols of the binary appear
in the text segment), you might have better luck searching for how 
to achieve this in the VC++ docs or forums.


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