[Glade-users] how to change ComboBoxEntry height in toolbar?

On 8/2/07, Ye Wenbin <wenbinye at gmail.com> wrote:

On Thu, 02 Aug 2007 23:06:38 +0800, Nathan Rogowski
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I played around a bit with a sample I whipped up in Glade 2.12.1?itseems
that having a combo box in a toolbar prevents you from not expanding
combo box. Moreover, the toolbar's height is determined by its tallest
component, in this case your button. In order to restrict the height of
combo box, I suggest putting it inside a Vertical Box. If you want the
box's vertical alignment top-justified or bottom-justified, use a
two-element vbox and put an empty label in the other spot. If you want
vertically centered on your toolbar, use a three-element vbox and put a
blank label in both the top and the bottom cells.

Thanks for the reply. I have also considered that trick. But it's not a
good solution.
If I want set the toolbar style to 'icons', I have to hide the label
By the way, the deprecated widget Combo don't behave as ComboBoxEntry, It
does not expand when the toolbar style is 'both'.

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Ye Wenbin
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Well, I was using a Combo Box Entry in my testing. It is odd that it would
behave differently from the depreciated version.

When you set the toolbar style to icons, is it more important that your
toolbar stay the same height (and not shift the window contents) or that it
takes the minimum space required for whichever style it is in? I imagine you
prefer the latter, which would be analogous to popular web browsers, but I'm
not sure how one would do that without adjusting padding on the fly or
dynamically hiding/showing extra (blank) components when switching toolbar

Nathan K Rogowski

Secretary, U of R IEEE Student Branch
Fourth Year Student, Software Systems Engineering
University of Regina
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