[Glade-users] Spacing widgets on menu bar

Tristan Van Berkom wrote:

Ok this conversation I think has gone a little far without a recap, its
hard to know what exactly it is you are trying to achieve as a

This was my original concept.
|                                         |
| M    M          B    B           I    I |

M = Menu item (text with popup menu)
B = Button (no popup menu)
I = Image menu item (image only with popup menu)

The rectangle represents a frame (without label).  The left and right sides
of the rectangle are at the margins of the display and the pairs of
controls are uniformly spaced.  Ideally, the background of the entire frame
would be shaded in the manner of a menubar.

In the meantime, I started thinking that it is too hard to get GTK to
implement my design, so I modified my design to fit what GTK can do.
|                        |
| M    M          I    I |         B    B

The frame houses a menubar and the buttons reside on the main window.

I can live with the redesign for now.  I am thinking that I will return to
the problem when I have been using GTK for more than a week and have a
better idea of what can be done and how.  However, if something obvious
occurs to anyone, it would be nice to get this right now.  It would also be
nice to understand better the gradient that seems to exist in the
background of the menubar.  Otherwise, let's terminate this thread.  I fear
that its duration is already an imposition.  Moreover, it has turned into a
GTK question rather than a Glade question.  Thanks to everyone for your
patience and advice.
Jeffrey Barish

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