[Glade-users] Spacing widgets on menu bar

Tristan Van Berkom wrote:

Oh I'm sorry I thought we were talking about the toolbar here,
my bad - anyway, if for some weird reason your app calls for abnormal
positioning of menus inside a menubar, you can always use an hbox
and place as many single-menu menubars inside them to your hearts
content, using the hbox for its positioning features, use alignments
or whatever other container widgets that are there for the purpose
of spacing.

Yes!  This works and is much easier than writing a size handler.

The suggestion from Alexey is also interesting and basically works.  I added
a generic item to the toolbar and then added a menu bar from the palette to
that item.  However, the color of the menu bar's background is different
from the color of the toolbar's background, so there is a discontinuity
that doesn't look right.  I imagine that there is a way to adjust the
background color, but the suggestion from Tristan is working fine.

The SeparatorToolItem has expand and draw properties that are lacking in the
SeparatorMenuItem.  Were they not lacking, I believe that the
SeparatorMenuItem would then provide an even easier solution (although I
find that SeparatorToolItem does not behave as advertised).

Thanks to both of you for your suggestions and comments.
Jeffrey Barish

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